I Painted Bricks on the Hallway Walls.

2 Materials
2 Days

I was a little nerves to start such a big project and what if it didn't turn out as nice as I thought! My husband said that if it didn't look as nice as we thought, her would just paint over it and it would be alright. Eventually, we are going to sand down the texture along the border so we can install some chair railing just like the one I have in my entry way so it will flow on to the hallway. First, measure the height of wall you will paint the bricks on. I started by using a measuring tape and a pencil to mark the height of the brick wall. I did only the bottom half of the wall and painted a boarder on top. I measured the same height as my entryway which is 38" tall. I made height marks every 5 to 6 inches apart all across the wall to use as a guide for the straight line. I used a yard stick to make the straight line across using the pencil to mark and the marks I made every 5 to 6 inches. I used your typical sponges that you buy like 4 for $1 and acrylic paint you get at Walmart crafting department.
Start with the base color you want. I chose a dark gray as my base. Dip the sponge on to the paint and scrape the sponge gently on the side of the paint tray to get rid of the access paint and make sure the sponge is covered. Remember that brick is porous so it is OK if your bricks don't look perfect. Do not cover it all with paint. Make sure you leave the space in between each brick like if it has grout in between just like the bricks on the outside of your house. Try to keep a straight line and over lap each row of bricks. Cut one of the sponges in half so you can go back finish off the ends where the spaces are left undone.
I used the .50 acrylic paint you buy at Walmart but you can use any kind of paint you want.
I have tan color tile so the dark gray bricks didn't match the floor so I took a paper towel, scrunched it up, dipped it into tan color paint and dabbed over the gray color just enough to accent the floor. Don't swipe or put too much paint that you lose the base color but just enough to make it pop. Then, I got a fan brush and dipped it in white paint and gently brushed mainly over the edges to make the brick 3 D sort of and blend with the white where the grout should be. Just enough to where the brick doesn't look stamped on. I have textured walls so I plan to sand down the space along the border to add a chair railing to match the entry way. At this point, the chair raining will not sit flat on the wall so I painted a boarder on it. You can also use a wallpaper boarder instead.
This is the finished project. I must say, I am even impressed as to how it turned out. I say it took about 2 days because I worked on it for about 5 hours one day and about 4 hours the next day. Hardest part was measuring and keeping the bricks straight, which I didn't succeed at times. Not perfect but laying real brick is also not too straight either.
This is the entry way chair railing I have and want to continue the hallway with the same decor above and below the dark gray border.

Suggested materials:

  • Acrylic paint  (Walmart)
  • Sponges  (Dollar Tree)

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  • Sandy Gonzalez
    Sandy Gonzalez
    on Apr 11, 2018

    It looks amazing! The first glance at the photo seemed like they were real bricks, it was on the second glance that I was able to tell. Great job! I'll try this look in my office. Thanks for sharing!

  • Norma N Joe Gonzalez
    Norma N Joe Gonzalez
    on Apr 12, 2018

    Thank you for viewing my post. I can't wait for you to see it in person.

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