Small Pallet Table

Once again my daughter has requested a small table for an area. She is now saying the same thing I use to say to my father...."build it, I will find a place for it". I have a long, narrow pallet and she liked that idea as it would go along with her coffee table I made her.

Time: 3 HoursCost: $40Difficulty: Easy
  • small pallet table
Start with any size pallet you have and cut to what you need. Be careful as this is all rough wood. Wear gloves.
  • small pallet table
Get a 2x4x8 ft, cut in half and then cut in half again length wise for your legs.
  • small pallet table
On the underside of the pallet, cut a notch out for your leg. Then pre-drill holes for attaching legs to the pallet.
  • small pallet table
Before you tighten all the screws, take a level and make sure they are straight. Too many times I forgot this step and the legs are heading the wrong way other that straight up!
I also put a cross piece on the bottom of the legs for support and another little shelf.
  • small pallet table
Now it's time to do a LOT of sanding. The pallet was the toughest as it was very rough lumber but it got done.
  • small pallet table
And staining and 6 coats of poly (sanding lighting in between each coat) it is now ready for the house.
  • small pallet table
Ta da - done. Not sure what she has in mind to put on it but I heard her mention some lights in between the boards on top.

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    • Wendy
      on Apr 29, 2018

      I love it, and the idea of lights sounds perfect!

      • Kelli Murphy
        Kelli Murphy Glennallen, AK
        on Apr 30, 2018

        Belt sanders are GREAT for fast sanding on rough wood. Have to be careful, though, as you can sand slopes/ dents in the wood before you know it! I’m not patient enough for an hour of typical sanding....

          • Barb
            Barb Leland, NC
            on May 5, 2018

            That that is why I let my daughter do the sanding and the finishing! It's her project she can do that.