Sun Catcher Inspired by a Hometalker

Hi everyone,
As a part time crafter and helper on Hometalk, I often see projects that inspire me to make my own. One of the things I love to do is find projects for my grandchildren to make. I was looking around and saw this Sun Catcher that I knew would be perfect for them to make for their Mama for Mother's Day. (Can you tell that I like to start early?) LOL
Time: 30 MinutesCost: $7Difficulty: Easy
First I'll start with supplies. I got all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree! Since there were two kiddos working on their own projects, I got 2 - 5"x7" photo frames, 2 containers of glue (this is like an E6000 glue), and 3 bags of colored gems. I got 3 because I didn't know how many the kiddos would use. It turns out that 2 bags would have easily been enough. I got 1 bag of blue and 2 bags of mixed colors.
Before the kiddos arrived, I took the frames apart and used my E6000 to glue the glass onto the frame around the edges. I also divided up the gems into a bag for each one. I found some left over red heart gems from Valentine's Day and added a few to each bag. Doing it this way allowed each child to have their own supplies.
Next I explained what we were going to do and showed the kiddos the project done by Chas so that they would have an idea. I suggested that they start in a corner and do it in rows. Look above at KJ and see how she took my advice. LOL Not so much. :)
The same was true for JW. One thing I have noticed about JW is that whatever his older sister does, he will follow the same path. It's so cute to watch them.
  • sun catcher inspired by hometalk
And here they are resting on my windows. As you can see, they each have their own "style". There is nothing better than watching kiddos execute their own crafting style!

The frame back does have some hooks that I am going to glue to the top back of the frames so that they can be hung. In addition, I'll add some clear fishing line that can be adjusted.
PS: Notice the snow outside! Ugh, this is in April and it's time for it to go AWAY! LOL

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