File Cabinet Makeover

In my attempt to be more digital and not have files and files of paperwork, I have reduced such by 2 drawers! Hey, it’s a start. what was once an office had become a total junk room. Once you get a laptop you never go back! So I turned the office/junk room into a craft room which I will cover in another post. I emptied files and other useless paperwork into temporary containers (cardboard boxes) and put file cabinet in garage. Still having some Important papers, I was on the search for alternative options.
Time: 24 HoursCost: $20Difficulty: Easy
  • file cabinet makeover
Original. In garage holding power tools. I’ve seen these turned into large planters, so his days are numbered.
  • file cabinet makeover
My find! Drawers worked well, she just needed some makeup.
  • file cabinet makeover
Unfortunately I didn’t take any in between pics. I just cleaned her up and dressed her in 2 coats of white chalk paint. The front trim pieces I painted gold with a small artist brush.
I had this swirly stencil which I thought went well with the handles. (These handles I had from another project, I just painted them gold.)
Before I go on, let me say I did wax the chalk paint before I did the stencils. Just clear wax all over the body but on the front I added a little tiny glitter to the wax. As RJ (my other half) would say,”you always gotta mess with stuff”.
I let it sit on back porch for a week or so before I did stencils. Instead of using a stenciling brush, I used a thin, gold paint pen. Worked pretty good. Couple of mistakes, but that’s why I waxed first in case I made a stencil error, easy to wipe off.
  • file cabinet makeover
still needing “something “ I painted the sides of drawers pink. You don’t see it unless you open the drawer. I don’t remember why I went with pink, but looking at these pics I might go with something else like .

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