Anthropology Knock Off No2 S Hoop Mirror

2 Materials
30 Minutes
I thought I would make another mirror for the anthropology challenge.
This time I wanted to copy the hoop mirror, it was because I had the supplies in my craft room.
Anthropology hoop mirror
I found a plastic and rubber hoop with a decorative shaped hanger at the top. The wooden ones didn't have such a nice hanger at the top.
I also found a small round mirror with a hanging hook on the back.
I decided to paint it gold. Ideally I would have liked to spray paint it but didn't have any.
I did have some gold acrilic paint and a metalic foil pen though. This would give it a duller finish but I didn't mind.
I first painted the hoop in the acriic paint.
Then i let it dry.
I felt it needed some polish.
I had some gold gilding wax in my craft room, I decided to try this.
I put some on the outer circle.
Wax used on the outer circle
I left it to dry and buffed it up after.
The inner ring I added some foil glue.
When it was dry I added some gold craft foil.
This wasn't very successful. I think it was because the ring was plastic.
So I decided to use a metallic foil pen I had. This was better.

Adding glue, before foiling.
I then stuck it onto the mirror with the cyrstal sealent.
I let it dry before hanging.
Finished hoop
I think this would've been better with a wooden hoop and spray paint. But in the end it doesn't look too bad.
I saved over £200 pounds. I paid out less than £3 for a similar look.

Suggested materials:

  • Mirror, sealent, embroidery hoop, gold paint.   (I had the supplies)
  • Cyrstal fix it sealent

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