Asked on Sep 13, 2019

Which plug-in do you recommend for keeping mice out of the house?

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  • Marcam1977
    on Sep 17, 2019

    Hi Cheryl...My former apt had some mice issues unfortunately and a very unsympathetic landlord. Thank God I'm no longer there. I had tried a few different types, inexpensive and more expensive. None seem to work it seem. And I did get the correct amount for my living space. They say that's important as well. I'd start out with Bell & Howell's sonic plug ins. They are one of the lesser expensive. Also, one of the home networks carries a line of sonic plug ins.. Usually they offer an easy pay option, too. Purchase enough to place at least two or three in each room where you see activity. Mine was kitchen mostly and a bedroom where they were entering in unrelentlessly. My husband put steel wool in areas as well where they chewed through part of a wall! (this room was facing a lg garden in which our annoying neighbor downstairs would scare the cats away. I didn't want that. They helped keep the mice away, but she hated all animals...). Needless to say, after MUCH efforts on our part, (we knew we were eventually moving...but within a two year frame of my husband retiring) we adopted our beautiful cat. NO issues then. If any "stray" mouse/mice WERE seen, she would take care of it very fast. Eventuality, we hadn't seen or heard of any mice in our then apt and my cat was happy to patrol in case she "may have heard something" and immediately take care of it. This is true. I recommend a cat. But not just for that, they are wonderful members of the family. I do wish you very good luck!😽 🐁

  • Robyn Garner
    on Sep 17, 2019

    I question the efficacy of this kind of device. As a tenant, you have various rights by law and one is to be able to reside in a place free of rodents.

    Document your situation and contact the landlord by writing. Send it requiring a signature on delivery.

  • Tinyshoes
    on Sep 17, 2019

    Cheryl....We have them but occasionally a mouse will get in the house. My husband says there has never been any dwelling that the little creatures can not invade it they desire too! When they do appear... of course, I expect him to take care of them because he knows they are not welcome guest in my home. Good luck!

  • Leah
    on Sep 17, 2019

    They all work about the same. If they are already in your walls, use mouse traps till they are gone. The ping forces them to find a way in, but it will stop them if if if if you do not have any now. They come in garage, but not house. Garage walls are unfinished, so the ping will not work there. First year here we caught a few in winter in house. Now the ping has kept them out for 17 years. We catch about 3 in garage in winter.

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