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Mummy Wreath for Halloween

I wanted to make a black, gray and white wreath for Halloween this year and thought a Mummy Wreath would be cute. This project was so easy and inexpensive. ‪#‎FallPreview
Materials needed are:
White, Gray & Black fabric
Needle & Thread (or hot glue)
I started out ripping a white pillowcase into strips. The cuff of the pillowcase was used to cover the wreath in the first step. If your wreath is white to begin with you could probably skip this step. The next step was to use strips of fabric that I wrapped around the cuff covered wreath, overlapping the strips to keep them from falling off.
Third step was to use additional strips tied sporadically around the wreath.
To make the flowers I used a black pillowcase I had left over from a witches hat project I made last year and some gray wool ribbon my sister had left over from making a rug. I cut the fabric into strips about a foot long, twist each strip then form a rosette I used some thread to keep the rosette from coming apart. Then I simply hand stitched the flowers onto the wreath you could hot glue these on or use push pins to keep them on.
The last step is to put the crow on you could hot glue it on but I just have mine sitting in there.

To see more: http://diohomeimprovements.com/blog/2014/08/27/diy-mummy-wreath/

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