Asked on Mar 10, 2020

What do I use to seal and hold my little stones and blue glass pieces?



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  • Beautiful! Love the footbridge. I make these too, mostly for gifts. I don't set the stones or gravel, just water carefully. Yes they can get a little messed up every now and then, but it doesn't take much to keep them looking cute.

  • William
    on Mar 10, 2020

    I wouldn't use anything. Just tamp them down a little into the soil. You don't want to hurt the plants. It does look lovely and so cute

  • Kathy
    on Mar 10, 2020

    I do not know but that certainly is a beautiful planter.

  • Redcatcec
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Good question, since you are transporting it, I would consider placing it snugly in a Styrofoam box &/or bubble wrap around the base to avoid any jiggling. I agree, gently tap it down.

    Very nice!

  • K. Rupp
    K. Rupp
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Ok .....I love my super 3M 77 spray adhesive. It is one of the best and I use it for all sorts of projects including re-upholstery. So, when I need the glue to get into tiny areas, I spray the glue on a paper plate and wait a little for it to get slightly tacky(30-1min). It has a nice long working time till it gets hard so it is great for projects. I take a long toothpick.....or wooden skewer snapped in half so you can have pin point control. Work it into the glue and apply it where I need it. Just an idea but I seriously do this all the time. I have not seen that in a can so this is my method.

    In this case, you won't be taking each rock and doing that but another idea would be to get a disposable foam brush. Spray on a paper plate and wipe the rock surface with the glue where you want it. Good luck!

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Mar 10, 2020

    I would use white Gorilla Glue. It's 100% waterproof and safe for indoor & outdoor use. It will bond stones together.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Mar 10, 2020

    any adhesive or glue you use could damage or kill the plants so I would not use anything -just pack the stones and gems down tight

  • Beth
    on Mar 10, 2020

    It's really beautiful! As a couple of others said, I wouldn't do anything to keep the stones in place. Sometimes you'll buy plants with rocks that have been glued in place, and I find it's very difficult to water them correctly, since you can't gauge how moist the soil is. I almost always end up killing them. It's also hard to get them out to replant them.

  • Pamela
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Hi ! This looks so pretty !!!! I wouldn't use anything to keep it in place , like a blue or adhesive , it would not be good for the health of your plants .

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Mar 10, 2020

    this is a beautiful arrangement by the way

  • Michelle Leslie
    Michelle Leslie
    on Mar 11, 2020

    Hi Jana, stunning miniature  You can make a mold using aluminium foil (tin foil) in the shape you want and pour a thin layer of resin inside and then embed the stones. It will work perfectly especially for your river bed.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    Simple Nature Decor
    on Mar 11, 2020

    Here is a top coat i use for my shells

  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Mar 11, 2020

    Hi Jana, here's a great article on the fairy gardens, hope it helps you

  • Homeroad
    on Mar 12, 2020

    In my opinion you will not need to seal that adorable little garden. When you water it, just do it very gently with a spray bottle.

  • Dee
    on Mar 14, 2020

    Why would you want to seal this planter? It looks fabulous just the way it is. If you use anything I would get a spray Sprar Varnish as it is good for boats and will protect the rocks as best it can.

  • DesertRose
    on Mar 15, 2020

    I would use resin.

  • TheHoneycombHome
    on Mar 17, 2020

    I'm not sure, but this is super cute!

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