Dresser Upcycle

3 materials
2 Hours

My dresser had faded a lot and needed some loving!!!! So I said I’d paint it a new colour! I chose a dark grey instead of the light grey to change it up!!! I think it turned out beautifully. Let me know what you think!

This is it before!!

My favorite tools!!! Cling on brush - two fussy bloke roller & fusion paint

Wipe the dust off it!!!

the previous paint was a Matt so I could paint over it!! Especially with fusion paint there is very little prep!!!

Using my brush I did the cracks first

Took out the drawers

Painted the drawers

They see me rolling.....

And I’m still rolling!!!

I also pour out some paint into a little container to make it easier to roll!!!

my roller fits perfectly into it!!!

In hindsight I should have started from the bottom and went to the top!! But I started from the top!!!

anyway it still got done!!!

Here it is drying

Here it is dry and the drawers back in!!!

And here it is with my collection of teapots and cups!!! Can you tell I’m addicted!!!

hope you goes like it!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Fusion paint
  • Cling on brush
  • Rollers

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