Tea pot fountain instructions.

Here are the instructions of how we made my tea pot fountain. Hope it helps with all of you who are interested!
Here is my tea pot fountain in full bloom.
We drilled a a hole in the tea pot and then threaded it. We attached flanges to a solid concrete block to support both the tea pot and the gold pan. The block is heavy enough to support the weight of the unit underwater.
We then built a support for the gold pan and dropped the unit into the whiskey barrel. We added a fountain pump and inserted tubing up through the tee on the bottom of the pipe that supports the tea pot and into the tea pot.
Add water and your done! The unit is free standing so it can be leveled and no holes are drilled in the whiskey barrel. I put it all away every winter and take it out and set it up in the spring.
Last year we poured a concrete base that the whiskey barrel sits on so it doesn't sink into the dirt.

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  • Tina
    on Nov 16, 2015

    Love this idea. Will have a go at making this soon. What sort of pipe did you use?

    • Cecil A. Mills
      on Jun 4, 2016

      I've always been a fan of using PIC piping for projects like this. Inexpensive, many fitting options and easy to paint.

  • Crw2389108
    on Jan 26, 2016

    What are the items you will need to make this as well as assemble it? My husband and I are looking to make this this summer but we would like to know what types of material were used. We are very excited!! Thank you (:

    • Pat whitmus
      on Feb 20, 2016

      She used an old cast iron tea kettle (like the one I left in my other house...darn it!) and a prospectors "gold pan" and a wine barrel cut in half. Gonna do this one as I love rustic water features and it can be put away during winter!

    • Pat whitmus
      on Feb 20, 2016

      Iron piping or any metal piping from a home improvement store will work.

    • Rebecca Smith Driver
      on Mar 13, 2016

      Could you maybe use PVC pipe instead of metal & a little tin pail instead of the gold panning pan?

    • Kathe Meconnahey
      on May 7, 2016

      Sure, make it your own design using the general idea of the teapot fountain.

    • Pam Mahony
      on Jun 9, 2017

      I wouldn't. PVC is meant to be used underground; it will fade and eventually crack if used in this garden feature.
  • Suzanne Perry
    on Apr 13, 2016

    What kind of pump did you use in the tea pot fountain?

  • Jemima
    on May 9, 2016

    Thanks for the great gardening tip - what if you don't have a whisky barrel - what can you use instead ?

    • Suzanne Perry
      on May 22, 2016

      Most of the whiskey barrels we looked at didn't look like they would hold water. While at Lowes, we saw a large planter that was filled with rain water. It was wide enough and flat enough on the bottom to hold the cinder block. That became our base.

    • Jemima
      on May 23, 2016

      Thanks Suzanne when the time comes I'll look for a large planter =)

    • Suzanne Perry
      on May 23, 2016

      We are still gathering materials. When we get it finished, we will post all of the materials and approximate costs.

    • Winnie
      on May 31, 2016

      I have used galvanized water pot that flows into galvanized pots, small to large, with colorful rocks inside, plants around.

    • San7447758
      on Jun 15, 2016

      I used a metal horse trough to build a fountain you CNN age it with copper and green rustolium spray paint

    • Susan Parker Chance
      on Apr 1, 2017

      Old galvanized wash tub

  • Michael Adair
    on Jun 20, 2016

    How did you bend the pipe holding the teapot without putting a kink into it?

  • Karen Reitano
    on Jul 27, 2016

    Metal Fountains, Buckets What can you use on rusty metal that holds water to protect it so it doesn't rust out?

    • GeeWillikers
      on Mar 28, 2017

      I apply clear coat on rusted items all the time. Just put several thin coats to entire surface to avoid chipping

    • Susan Parker Chance
      on Apr 1, 2017

      Use galvanized metal pipes, buckets, etc.

    • Ardale
      on Apr 17, 2017

      Oh WOW, I love this fountain project! I already have the exact same pot and would love to make this fantastic fountain! I even have the perfect yard for it, my yard looks like yours with all it's tree's and natural setting. Thanks for the pics! My hardest part would be getting my husband to drill a hole through an antique pot! Love your creative idea!
  • Sheila
    on Aug 2, 2016

    Could you use pvc pipe instead of copper pipes

    • Carol Fredette
      on Aug 19, 2016

      Yes u can . and u can paint them to look like metal if u like

    • Julee S
      on Apr 11, 2017

      You could but they don’t support as well as iron (that’s what kind the one in the teapot fountain has) It was an old pipe from my Dad’s stove when we replaced it. It’s threaded on both ends and my husband put a slight bend in it with a pipe bender so the teapot would naturally pour into the gold pan. It would be difficult to get the support needed with plastic. Plus the bend with tacky looking couplings underneath the teapot. Plastic just isn’t my style.
  • Mar22258822
    on Mar 29, 2017

    this is wonderful! Thank you for the idea. I have an old teapot like this. does the water just pour over the sides of the barrel?
    • Julee S
      on Apr 11, 2017

      The water pours out of the teapot and into a gold pan that is suspended over the water in the whiskey barrel. If you look at all the instructions you’ll see. There is a small pump in the whiskey barrels that recirculates the water back up and into the tea pot through a hole that was drilled in the bottom of the teapot and then tapped so it the pipe would thread directly into the tea pot. The tea pot bottom is about 1/4” thick so it easily took threading.
    • Julee S
      on Apr 11, 2017

      The rust is what I strive for! Love rusty things!
  • Ardale
    on Apr 17, 2017

    Where would a person find a gold pan and does it have holes in it or does the water just spill over the sides of it? I live in the Mississippi valley and have never seen a gold pan. Would a large metal bowl work if I can't find a gold pan? Just love your fountain and would like to make one for myself.
    • SpinninJenny
      on May 2, 2017

      I searched for "gold panning pans or equipment" and found some on Amazon, and eBay had some, too.

      Hope this helps!
    • Ardale
      on May 2, 2017

      Thanks Julee for the information, I'll go check it out and see if I can find one for myself. I bought my half barrel this weekend and already have the iron teapot. Can pick the rest of what I need to make my own at our local Menards or Home Depot. Love all your pretty hosta's and impatients too!
  • Kittie Hall
    on May 11, 2017

    What did you drill the pot with I have a kettle like the one you used and it is cast iron?
    • Revive
      on Oct 15, 2017

      I think you would have trouble with a cast iron kettle (too heavy) and I believe I am correct in saying her kettle is a thinner metal - easier to drill with a keyhole drill bit (round).
    • Dixie Peninger
      on Feb 25, 2018

      By looking at the photos and comparing them with the same kettle I have, it appears to be a cast iron kettle not a thinner metal one. Cast iron would be heavy correct, but would withstand the elements a lot better than thinner metal. I hope the contributor of the project will answer so that we can be sure of what was used. Also if the pipe holding the kettle is an iron pipe which it seems to be, it could handle the weight of the cast iron kettle.

    • Julee S
      on May 24, 2018

      It IS a cast iron kettle Kitty. My husband drilled it the size of the pipe it’s setting on and then “tapped” it, meaning he took a “tap” from a tap and die set and the put threads into the cast iron teapot and then he bent the old recycled iron pipe and just screwed it into the bottom of the pot. The teapot is 1/4” thick so it threaded nicely.

    • Julee S
      on May 24, 2018

      It IS a cast iron kettle Kitty. My husband drilled it the size of the pipe it’s setting on and then “tapped” it, meaning he took a “tap” from a tap and die set and the put threads into the cast iron teapot and then he bent the old recycled iron pipe and just screwed it into the bottom of the pot. The teapot is 1/4” thick so it threaded nicely.

  • Shazz Page
    on Jun 11, 2017

    Can. You UE a solar powered. Pump to make this please.
  • Angela Treaster Bubb
    on Apr 23, 2018

    love the tea pot fountain and I have everything to make one question-how did you bend the pipe?

    • Georganne DeLaughter
      on Aug 7, 2018

      From what I've seen in research you need special equipment to bend the pipe or a tube (which is less thick) to the tube doesn't pinch closed while you're bending it. If it does pinch closed or even pinch some you won't be able to run the water tube up through it. Only a metal worker is going to have that sort of expertise from what I can tell. In other words, we're out of luck unless we use pvc.

    • Pat Taylor
      on Aug 7, 2018

      fill tubing with sand and close of the ends and gently bend it but pipe you need a pipe bender but small bends yy hand ou can do b

  • Dawn
    on Jun 11, 2018

    What size pump did you use?

  • Sammy
    on Sep 10, 2018

    How do you keep the water from coming thru between the slats of the whiskey barrel?

  • Dianne Anderson Ahles
    on Apr 25, 2019

    What material pipe did you use to hold the tea pot? How were you able ke I bend it?

  • Suzanne
    on Oct 14, 2019

    Where do you find a gold pan?

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