Replace Garage Door Rollers for Less Than $8

Rollers are your garage door's Michelin tires. The door isn't going anywhere if the rollers are in bad shape.
This past weekend we got lucky with 60 degree weather in Pittsburgh (It's November!!) and I replaced one of our roll up garage door's squeaky rollers. After dropping the roller by accident and forgeting which slots they belonged to I thought other people might have the same panic attack.
Hence this post on Hometalk and my blog post which you can find here
So if your roll up garage door sounds like R2D2 from Star Wars it might be time to tackle this project.
Here are a few safety tips to get you started:
1. Place the door in the up position and put a step ladder under it (removes tension from springs)2. Position C-Clamps on the garage door track below the last roller (prevents door from falling on your head)3. Unplug the garage door opener (stops others from pushing a button and closing the door on your fingers)4. Disengage the door from the track by pulling down on the safety release (allows the door to move freely)
I share two quick videos (2 min and 4 min) to help with this process. You won't want to miss my 27 day old 'Movember' moustache in Video 1(Hey, it's for charity so don't leave too many bad comments. Actually leave as many as you'd like since I'm thinking of keeping it.)
Replace old garage door rollers if they sound like an agitated R2D2 (You know, the little white and blue robot from Star Wars)
Label where the old rollers are located on the bracket
New garage door rollers are about $8 for a pair
Place C-Clamps on garage door track below last roller
Put a ladder under the garage door

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