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What to do with fireplace ashes

There are many more uses for fireplace ashes than I ever knew. 1. Compost bin - only a little amongst the organic matter. 2. A light layer around plants can keep slugs away. 3. A tablespoon of ash to 1000 gallons of water for a pond will keep algae down.. 4. As a fertilizer. 5. Cleaning silver.
Can you give more ways to use ashes?

To see more: http://twosucculentsisters.blogspot.com/2013/01/ashes-from-fireplace.html

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Jan 19, 2013

    Great post! I didn't realize ashes were so useful!

  • Dee W
    Dee W Senecaville, OH
    on Jan 19, 2013

    My grandpa used to throw ash down on the way to the barn, works like salt on ice. Don't know about soot build up on boots or shoes though, could get messy.

  • Dcz665
    Dcz665 Highland Park, IL
    on Jan 20, 2013

    hi Dee, my dad would do the same thing. We had a veg garden (apprx half a football field) on the other side of our drive, along the main road. It would drive my mom NUTS because he would wait for a snowfall and then take buckets of ash and dump them across the pristine snow.

  • Helmut H.
    Helmut H. Germany
    on Jan 20, 2013

    Coal ash also into the compost ?

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    on Jan 20, 2013

    Great ideas, Linda. I always put the ash from my wood stove on my garden beds when I lived in New York.

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