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DIY Puzzle Piece Art

Looking for a fun project to do with the kiddos this summer? On a rainy day ... how about use those mismatched puzzle pieces to create ART?
For this project, you'll need spray paint, a blank canvas, puzzle pieces, and some cardboard large enough to cut your letters out of.
PREP: Spray paint your puzzle pieces. We used silver, gold, and blue. Do this a day ahead of time to have them ready for your kiddos!
Cut your letters out of cardboard.
Then let your kiddos start glueing the puzzle pieces to the letters:
Let them fill in the entire letter (or help them complete this task):
Then glue entire letter to a canvas. We painted stripes onto a white canvas using painters tape prior to attaching the letter:
That's it! Unique, thrifty, and kid-friendly art that your little ones can be proud of (and that you'll actually be excited to display in your home)!

To see more: http://viewfromthefridge.com/puzzle-piece-art-think-outside-toy-box/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on May 28, 2015

    Such a cute idea and fun craft to do together!

  • Becky Struck
    Becky Struck Eau Claire, WI
    on Jun 1, 2015

    Old Country Buffet?

    • Deb
      Deb Newville, PA
      on Jun 2, 2015

      Obviously Cute Boys :-)

  • Audrey Giles
    Audrey Giles Dublin, OH
    on Jun 1, 2015

    Outstandingly Cute Boys! Great project!

  • Deborah Rose
    Deborah Rose Bowling Green, KY
    on Jun 1, 2015

    Great idea. I love quality craft time for Children !

    JAN ST.GERMAIN Marietta, GA
    on Jun 2, 2015

    I don't think Tim is a she and his post was not funny. GOM Grumpy Old Man

  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose Dayton, OH
    on Jun 5, 2015

    An adorable idea. Too bad my grandchildren are in college. Oh well, there are always potential great grandchildren.....

  • Reggie
    Reggie Amarillo, TX
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Great idea. This would be a fun way to help them learn their alphabet.

  • Mad About Design
    Mad About Design Tallahassee, FL
    on Jun 5, 2015

    So clever! They turned out great, and the absolutely precious boys seem to be very proud too!!

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Tampa, FL
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Great Idea...my grands will love this!!

  • Nitrolove81
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Love it! I will do it with my kids this vac!!

  • Renata
    Renata Hermiston, OR
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Clever Clever...Will have to find some puzzle pieces , my grandson will love this project. Tk u for sharing

  • Judy
    Judy Grand Prairie, TX
    on Jun 5, 2015

    I taught a class once where we did something similar, but we used a heavy cardboard wreath and covered it with puzzle pieces,3 layers thick, then painted it green.

  • Shirley Yoder
    Shirley Yoder Shawnee, KS
    on Jun 5, 2015

    I have done something like this , using pasta and spraying it with paint. fun for all ages. :)

  • Charlie
    Charlie Canada
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Awesome Idea!

  • Tina Eyster
    Tina Eyster Thomasville, PA
    on Jun 5, 2015


  • Pat Kichinko
    Pat Kichinko Carrollton, GA
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Use tagboard cut out like photo frames. Cover like above, and pop a photo in the middle. Great on the fridge - just change out the photos when you wish if you tape them in.

  • Sonoma
    Sonoma Sonoma, CA
    on Jun 5, 2015

    Great Idea - thanks for sharing

  • Sheila
    Sheila Waterford, WI
    on Jun 6, 2015

    We did something similar to this

  • Nonie Doyle
    Nonie Doyle Spain
    on Jun 6, 2015

    Great idea...really lovely.

  • Barbara Snowberger
    Barbara Snowberger Waynesboro, PA
    on Jun 8, 2015

    love this idea will keep kids busy for sometime

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