DIY Abstract Art Using Melted Crayons

15 Minutes

After 4 children and 34 grade school years successfully completed, I had built up a huge stash of leftover crayons! I decided it was high time to try and do something with them! Here is a simple and fun project to easily and inexpensively create beautiful abstract art to fit your own decor!
A hand full of crayons, a blank canvas and either a hair dryer or a heat gun are the only supplies you need. You may think that you are not creative enough to pull this off, but let me assure you, it is so easy - the heat and the crayons to all the work!
I chose a handful of crayons in blues, greens, grays and gold for my project, but you can use any colors that go with your decor.
I started by removing the paper and chopping up some crayons into small chunks with a butter knife. (Note: You don't have to cut the pieces if you don't want to, you can just hold the crayon and apply heat to the tip and drip the melted wax directly on the canvas - see below where I use that process to add more interest to this piece and to create the other piece shown below).
I laid these on the canvas and turned on the heat gun. What I found out is that the hot blowing air will likely blow your pieces right off your canvas - so you have to hold the heat source higher to prevent the blowing or if you have trouble, see the solution in the next picture. Once the crayon starts to melt, you can move the heat closer.
We also applied the heat source to the bottom of the canvas to prevent the blowing, and this worked well to melt the crayon enough so it wouldn't blow away.
You can see that my daughter put painters tape and slivers of crayon on her canvas to create a color block picture. It was necessary to heat this one from under the canvas or the little pieces would have blown away with the hot air. We used coke cartons to elevate the canvas.
As the wax melts - you can pick up a corner of your canvas to have the color run in any direction you choose. Be sure to protect your surface - as you can see the wax could go over the edge of your canvas.
After the crayon has started to melt, it is easy to blend and move the wax around the canvas to create a unique art piece by blowing the hot air on various sections of the canvas. To add a little more detail, you can layer with contrasting colors by holding a crayon and appying heat directly to the tip. The drops of crayon wax are then easily extented on the canvas by blowing the hot hair directly on the drops in the direction you want them to go.
To finish this project, I will spray the top with a clear top coat.
On this piece, I held a crayon just above the canvas and blew heat on it so that the crayon melted in a pool on the canvas.
I did the same thing with a 2nd color. After I had these two colors pooled on the canvas, I used the heat gun to move the pooled crayon wax around the canvas. By changing the direction of the air you can move and blend colors.
Here I am moving the pooled color by blowing the hot air in the direction I want the color to move to. I used this same process and added a couple different colors. If I felt I had too much color in one area, I took a white crayon and added a few melted drops and then held the heat over that area to blend and move the white across the area with too much color. Problem solved!
Here is the finished piece. I used sky blue, purple a little pink and then added back in white to blend out areas that had too much color. Spray the top of your finished piece with a clear coat.
These projects cost $2.50 each for the canvas. This was so easy and a lot of fun! There are so many creative possibilities!
I have more information about my adventure with melted crayon art on my blog. Hope you'll come by and pay us a visit!

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  • Cher
    on Aug 11, 2017

    This is really incredibly pretty. Is it textured too? I think the nice thick "shmears" of texture really add to the authenticity of this artwork! Beautiful job!
    • There are layers, but they are smooth. Would be fun to figure out a way to add a little more texture to a piece like this. Thanks so much for your comment.
  • Patti
    on Dec 7, 2017

    I think this is yes I'm going to use this word. COOL 😎, guess that just showed my age lol. I'm not sure if I know what a heat gun is can you help me there. Wouldn't A blow dryer heat up and shut off? I like this project and would love to give it a try. Thanks for sharing
    • Lindy
      on Dec 12, 2018

      Hi Patty- A heat gun is used for projects in which you need to use embossing powders. They are available at craft stores, Amazon, Walmart, etc. and relatively inexpensive--maybe $15 or less if you look around. On the thought of embossing and heat guns with this project, you could also add embossing metalic powder or colors to add even more intereest. This is an awesome take using crayons in lieu of paint pouring to get a different affect to the canvas. Great job!

  • Miss Behavin
    Miss Behavin
    on Jan 30, 2018

    I was wondering if you don't have a heat gun, could you use a blow dryer on hot instead?

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  • Donna Rich
    Donna Rich
    on Nov 28, 2019

    An easy way to make a one of a kind painting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Goldbeargirl
    on Aug 23, 2020

    What an inventive use of crayons! Great idea and it looks awesome

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