DIY Wine Riddling Rack

I have always loved Pottery Barn's Wine Riddling Rack, but seeing as I am not much of a wine drinker and their price was outrageous...I built my own and gave it away!!!! Although, now I want two for myself!! Lol!!
It doesn't take much to build in terms of wood only need a few 2x6s, 1x4s, and 1x3s to create this beauty along with some tools!! You can find the complete list on my blog below!! Start by cutting your 2x6s to length...which is 56"! After that you have to mark where you want your holes to be drilled...we lined them all up and clamped them to mark where we wanted them.
Next we drilled the holes...I used a drill press and it was a somewhat complicated process, you can read all about in the post if you would like on my blog!! Lol!! You will need a 2 1/2" hole saw for this part and it will be a back and forth between the drill press and hand drill!! The hole saws are not thick enough to cut through 2x wood on a 45 degree there is also some chiseling involved!!
It was pretty smooth sailing once we finally got through the holes being drilled!! I then used my KregJig to plank the boards together!!
Once they were glued and screwed together, the frame has to be made around the planked 2x6s! I beveled the edges of the 1x4s to make them look just like Pottery Barn's version and glued and stapled it on!
I went ahead and sanded and stained mine at this can wait until the end...I just figured it would be easier but I am not sure it really matters!! LoL!! I then had to place all the wood strips along the back that keep the bottles from falling out!! This is where you will use the 1x3s! I sanded and stained them on their fronts before I glued and screwed them all along the back (since the front of the wine rack was already stained). Finding just the right spot to place the boards was a little tricky as well and I had to have my hubby's help, the board has to be placed just right to where the bottle has enough room to fit through without having too much room to where it can lean out and fall!!
After getting all the 1x3s attached to the back all you have to do is pick a wall hanger and get this baby hung on the wall!! Woohoo!! Note: This is for decorative purposes and should only hold up to ten full bottles at any can be filled with empty bottles though!!
The full post is available on my blog below, it goes into better detail and may answer any questions you have... but if not feel free to ask below!! Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!!!

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2 questions
  • Mckenziecook
    on Nov 26, 2018

    Would you be willing to make another one and sell it?

    • The Inspired Workshop
      on Nov 27, 2018

      Hey McKenzie! I normally don't build for money, I love to build gifts for people or donate pieces to auctions, but cost of shipping almost out prices the piece everytime! If you live somewhere close to South Texas we could talk bc I can deliver it to you or you could pick it up! Thanks so much!!!

  • Rosie
    on Nov 15, 2019

    Great directions! But, on the angle of the holes, that part is a little confusing on getting that correct. I tried one angle and the bottles just plain fall out. Even with the back braces. I can see how the chisel marks but is that to just get the material out of the hole? Then sanding. Could you tell me how you sanded the middle?

    • The Inspired Workshop
      on Nov 20, 2019

      Hey Rosie!

      Sorry about the confusion! I hope I can help! Lol!

      So the hole saw that I was using...the deepest I could find, could not drill all the way through the 2x6s at a 45 degree angle. We would have to drill as deep as we could get the hole saw to go, remove it from the drill press, chisel out the end that was stopping the hole saw and drill again. Repeating that process until we were able to get all the way through the board. If you look at the first picture where the drill marks look like horse shoes, that is as far as we could get the hole saw to drill on the first go. The next picture where the long drill bit is in the drill, is how we were able to drill the board from both sides. Using the middle hole from the hole saw, we drilled a hole all the way through so we could then flip the board over and turn it upside down and drill again with the drill press. We would chisel more and go back to the drill press! In the original blog post on my site, there are a few more details of this step to help!

      Here's the link

      About the sanding, I just hand sanded them with strips of sand paper, I bought the large sheets and cut strips out of them that roughly fit the hole size and just rubbed back and forth a few times, it really didn't take a lot of effort, just a lot of time since there were so many holes! I will update the post with this information seeing as how I left that all out! My apologies on that!

      Let me know if you have any other questions! Hope this helps! Have a good one!

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  • Gabe
    on Jan 10, 2017


  • Archie
    on May 20, 2018

    Looks to me like it should hold all the full bottles you can get in it.

    It is very heavy duty.

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