Old Barrel Becomes a Bar

3 Materials
20 Hours
Here's how we created a bar from an old barrel. Our daughter was getting married and wanted a Moonshine Bar at the reception for something fun and different. We live in Tennessee and Moonshine is legal to buy in the liquor stores and all of the guests were coming from out of town. We had an old barrel at the house that we purchased at an auction a few years ago. We did some research and decided to make the bar out of the barrel.
We had an old barrel (similar to this one - not the actual barrel since I did not take a photo of it before). We came up with a plan to make a bar out of the barrel from researching online different sites such a Pinterest and YouTube.
Then we cut the barrel in half and attached them to a wooden stand that we built. Added a top shelf to hold them together and some inside shelves in the back.
Then built a top for it with reclaimed wood and added shine to the top with marine varnish. I bought the Moonshine sign on Etsy and we added some shelves inside for the bartenders.
We took it to the reception venue - ready for the caterers to set it up on the deck of the reception venue in the beautiful Tennessee mountains.
This is how the caterers decorated the bar. It was a huge hit at the wedding reception and our daughter was thrilled (and so were the guests!). We got several offers to purchase it at the wedding and afterwards, we sold it shortly afterwards for a nice profit.
Suggested materials:
  • Barrel
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Marine varnish
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