Master Bathroom Makeover on a Budget!

I would have loved to rip out the entire thing and start over but WHAT TO DO ON A BUDGET??
So here was my solution for a more updated beautiful bathroom that would not break the bank.
I left the shower surround and tub surround the same, but everything else I took out and started from scratch. New shower door, new toilet, new cabinet in the toilet room, new fixtures, new lighting, new cabinets which I measured and then ordered from Lowe's, new sinks and then I had a granite company cut a remnant granite for my master bath which made it less expensive. The tall cabinet we did not attach to the wall nor made it permanent in case we got tired of it or ever sold the house and the new owners did not like the look. I wanted more storage so therefore that tall cabinet even though it might not be the most pleasing aesthetic design. Except for the granite, I installed everything myself, with a little manly brawn to carry the large items and help me move them around and position them, other than that it was all me.
BEFORE- prefab countertop in builder beige, builder beige walls, gold fixtures and the giant lightbulb fixture and white tile floor with gross stained grout!
Before the new GRANITE
AFTER -GRANITE and new side cabinet for more storage- Picked a remnant that would be long enough to do the counter top with no seams
BEFORE- old light
AFTER- new light
AFTER- New water conservation toilet, new light fixture and my artwork.
BEFORE- old shower door was GOLD
AFTER- New door
BEFORE- it was ONE long outdated light bulb fixture, you know the one with the row on big makeup light bulbs that gather dust!
AFTER- split into TWO
AFTER- TWO fixtures instead of one
AFTER- TWO new lights and storage room in the middle. This is before hardware and tall side cabinet on the left.
BEFORE- old floor was small white tiles with dirty white grout.
AFTER- new tile floor.
AFTER- new Master bathroom on a budget!
AFTER- new Master bathroom on a budget!
My artwork in the bathroom:
My artwork in the bathroom:
My artwork in the bathroom:
My artwork in the bathroom:
My artwork in the bathroom:
My artwork in the bathroom:

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  • Ana M Ana M on Apr 19, 2012
    Thanks! I love our blue bedroom, it;'s soothing. I was thinking that same blue when I had my shutters and windows in mind..
  • Trish Davenport Trish Davenport on Dec 15, 2014
    What you did is so beautiful. What a transformation. Loved seeing you right up there on that ladder. It is really lovely. I especially love the cabinet, what a great idea.