Organize Your Closet for a Better Wardrobe & Less Stress

Hi Friends, we took this weekend to de-clutter and Organize my Closet in the Master Bedroom. Where's the walk in right?? Nay nay, this is a 93 year old home with tiny closets. Mine is in the Master and my hubs has his clothes in the office/spare room.
I'm so embarrassed to show you my closet "before" I tackled the project but I'm gonna Get Real be honest with you and want to share. Are you ready?? Pretty Scary huh?? I'm definitely not perfect by any means and I like things clean and organized (I know you're thinking, are you sure about that?? HA), but tend to run out of time and just shove stuff. Then I spend way too much time trying to get ready for going out or occasions, because I can't find things. I just get crazy busy working and don't always make time to do it. So I spent a few hours on Saturday on this fine mess.
Did you know that people tend to wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time?? It's pretty true and I am so guilty of going with my favorites most of time.
Here's what I did.
1. Pulled everything out of closet
2. Tried everything on to make decisions
3. Made three piles - Keep, Sell & Donate
4. Organize by categories that fit your lifestyle - Dresses, Tops, Sweaters, Jackets, Pants & Coats
5. Colorize within the category - this makes it so much easier to find an item and put it back after laundry
6. Totes or baskets above - for handbags, scarves and smaller items - the pink are ugly but that's what I had on hand and will look for something prettier
7. Shoes organized below
This right side has pants and dry cleaned suits and jackets that are not worn as often. Below I added a small plastic organizer with drawers to hold socks and scarves.
Below is what is being given away, to my sister in law and to a local thrift store I love. I also hauled to the trash a bag that included 17 pairs of flip flops that were old and yucky, really unnecessary. Did I really need that many flip flops? I wear the same three all the time. So it felt great to purge, and know exactly what I have. Also I am one of those gals that fluctuates in size and has those various sizes for "when I lose weight." You probably cannot relate to that huh?? So I was holding onto some things that were larger and some smaller sizes too.
I also went through every drawer in my dresser, every pair of unmentionables (is that too much info??? lol), every sock, t-shirt, sweatshirt and crop pants.
When we were going out it would take me much longer to find an outfit or the accessories to go with it. It felt really good to clean and purge. Life's too short to be overwhelmed with too many clothes and not being able to find things right?
On my to do list still is:
1. find a better looking storage solution for above the closet instead of pink crates that hold handbags and hats.
2. Find a dresser for corner to hold sweatshirts, tees and crop pants (my daily
Do you have any suggestions for keeping your closet clean and organized?? I need any ideas you might have.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa
How it looks now
Before pic - pretty scary with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll
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