Dresser Transformation

I found this very old cockroach infested dresser sitting on the sidewalk waiting to go to the dump but I couldn't let that happen. I knew right away I was going to salvage this even though it only had one drawer and I was going to make it into something for my kitty cats.
I started by getting rid of the roaches and their eggs. Yuck! Then I cut a hole in the bottom and 2 of the drawer support bars in the front.
Then I added a litter box.
Next to decide on the paint combination. I wanted to go with a charcoal or dose of black by Ralph Lauren for the exterior. And I chose to go with royal blue or bright interior for two reasons. First I wanted a bright interior color since this will be on our balcony so I can spot any unwanted insects like spiders. Secondly I wanted it to pop. And I believe I achieved that.
Before bringing it upstairs I added A shelf in the middle for my kitties to hang out on. Once I got it upstairs I had added burlap bag curtains with nailhead tacks. The burlap bags came from my father's farm.
I had some old hemp rope laying around so use that is curtain ties.
I use the top drawer for their treats.😺
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