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This adorable little dresser was refurbished Lisa from Recreated Designs in Creme Brulee, Vanilla Frosting, and Vintage Cupcake! Come read all about how she achieved this look.
My lovely sister was getting rid of this change table/dresser that she had used for several of her kids (she has 8!!) and I thought it would be perfect for my next project. The wood, despite being a bit boring and very, very scratched up, was still in great shape so it just needed a little paint and imagination to spruce it up!
I really wanted to do something fun and whimsical for this piece so began with several coats of Country Chic All-in-One Paint in Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is a soft yet vibrant yellow that could be used as a neutral in any space. It is such a cheery colour!
Once the outside of the piece was fully painted and dried, I began creating a polka dot pattern on the top and sides.
To make the polka dots, I used Country Chic Furniture and Home Decor Paint in Vanilla Frosting and Vintage Cupcake. These two colours combined beautifully with the Creme Brulee to create the vibrant look I was going for.
In make sure the polka dots were all the same size and had nice, crisp edges, I used two sizes of Mason jar rings. I laid the rings down and used them as a guide to make each dot. To get a little cohesiveness in the pattern, I used the larger ring for all of the pink dots and the smaller one for all of the white.
I continued making the polka dots, in a random pattern, all over the piece… except for on the drawer fronts. The drawer fronts were left dot free so that the pattern wasn’t too overpowering.
I have to say that I had so much fun painting these polka dots! It felt like I was a kid again:)
This dark and boring change table was completely transformed into something bright and cheery with just a pint of paint and a couple of Mason jar rings. Have I mentioned how much I love paint?!
Suggested materials:
  • All-In-One Decor Paint in Creme Brulee   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Furniture and Home Decor Paint in Vanilla Frosting   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Furniture and Home Decor Paint in Vintage Cupcake   (Country Chic Paint)
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