Read on in this post to hear what Mary from Orphans With MakeUp has to say about this gorgeous dresser she refurbished with Simplicity, Vanilla Frosting, Vintage Cupcake, and pearl wax!

It’s Mary from Orphans With MakeUp.

I recently had a client bring me an antique dresser to paint. Her request was that it be painted off white, but with a bit of a pearlescent shimmer. I tried a few different scenarios, but in the end we settled with the Pearl Wax. She wanted the pearly finish to be very subtle.
The dresser was painted in equal parts “Simplicity” and “Vanilla Frosting”, which gave me somewhat of a warm white color.
After painting and some distressing, I applied the Pearl Wax all over and waited till it dried to buff it. The Pearl Wax does take a bit longer to dry.

Crystal knobs were replaced on the two top drawers and the rest of the hardware, along with the escutcheons were all spray-painted metallic silver.
My client had asked me to remove the wheels on the dresser, but did you know that when you see a piece of furniture on casters, it is usually an indication that it is a piece that dates to at least the 1930’s or earlier? How do you feel about casters? Hate them or like them?
Since this dresser is for a little baby girl’s room, I decided to paint the interior of the drawers in the color “Vintage Cupcake”. Seems like I just can’t get enough of this color!
While I had my paint out, I decided paint this vintage oval mirror exactly like the dresser. I think they look so sweet together. Don’t you think?
If you would like more of a showy pearl finish, you can also try the Silver Bullet Metallic Cream over Simplicity. I will be back shortly to show you that scenario.
Have a great day.
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