Redo of Flea Market Dresser (Old Tin Look)

I got this dresser for $35 at a flea market. With some new handles, textured wallpaper and leftover wood, paint, glue, wood filler and stain I found in the garage, I made it pretty again.
Steps I took:
1. Primed it with black paint to cover the base color (green) completely and let it dry.
2. Top brush coat dresser with some white paint. I also found some screen molding (wood trim) I painted white too.
3. Spray painted about 2 yards of textured wallpaper with some silver paint.
4. Let the paint cure for a day. Otherwise when sanding it (for distressing) it will sand down to the base color, instead of revealing black.
5. I sanded the edges and some on the sides with a sanding block to give it some character.
6. Put wallpaper on dresser top and fronts of drawers, but I used a hard sponge to get bubbles out instead of something that might scratch the paint off.
7. Tape around silver wallpaper to protect white paint.
8. I used some black craft paint thinned with water and brushed it on top, let it sit for about a minute, then lightly wipe in small circles with a paper towel to remove the extra.
9. Seal top with Mod Podge (or watered down glue), polyurethane or other protectant.
10. Remove tape.
11. Cut and put on trim (This is where hubby helped with his handy dandy air compressor nail gun).
12. Fill holes with wood filler.
13. Sand where patched and touch up with white paint.
14. Coat entire dresser with antique oak stain/sealer in one, with a rag and let dry.
15. Put on knobs.
Now it sits in our guest room for everyone that visits to enjoy!
Guest room dresser redo
Before it was a green monster.
Great character piece to our home!
Top of dresser and drawers look like old tin, but is textured wallpaper.
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