Up-cycled Dresser Turned TV Stand

by Homes.com
Brought to you by our friend Sonya Barker from At Home With the Barkers:
Turning a standard bedroom dresser into a TV cabinet is one of the most popular trends in furniture repurposing. Whether you are looking for a new piece, already have a dresser or you find one at a thrift store or garage sale, it’s very easy to convert.
If you plan to repurpose furniture, keep in mind that it can be tailored to you! As you can see in the before picture, the wooden dresser had lots of drawers that wouldn’t be needed. The top three drawers were removed in order to fit electronic boxes.
Once the drawer boxes were removed, the surface underneath wasn’t flat, therefore, it was necessary to purchase plywood, cut three sections to size and then paint them. All that was left to do was lay the plywood inside of each section; no nailing required.
Storage is always important in any home. This is why a dresser is great for repurposing as a TV cabinet – it gives you room to store all of your extra manuals, cameras, cords, movies and games.
The transformation is pretty incredible! Check out Sonya's tutorial in detail over on the Homes.com blog here --> http://blog.homes.com/2014/05/repurpose-a-dresser-into-a-tv-stand/

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