My Roadside Dresser

2 Days
I found this poor little dresser tossed out by the one to love it. Took it in and now he is quite the handsome dresser.
He's available now in my Etsy Store!
Here is what he looked like after fixed a couple broken drawer guides.
Had some repairs to the veneer to do before I sanded, primed and painted. Gotta love Elmer's Wood Filler!! Does a great job and can be painted too!
Sorry....forgot to take photos of the dresser after it was primed.....bad me. Next I used a high gloss black for the body of the dresser.
Painted all sides and the top in this nice gloss black.
Next I decided to go over the black with a nice satin finish white.
Next I took my Black and Decker Palm Sander and went over the entire piece to let the black show through and give it a kind of worn look.
Worked a little harder on sanding the edges and the front where you might expect to see more wear and tear on a dresser.
I think it has just the look I was going for.
The drawers....just like the rest of the dresser were this "oakey" color veneer. Not very pretty and lots of wear to them. I did like the drawer pulls though and left them to use when it was finished.
I thought I would just sand them down and paint them perhaps in a black, maybe do them the same Heirloom White I used on the dresser body but, as more and more of the veneer came off....I found this gorgeous red oak! Who knew? I grabbed a can of Minwax Red Oak stain and did one coat....then a second coat. Wow! Was LOVING the color!
How's this for color!!!! I love it! Now to finish the drawer fronts.
Here are the drawers....sanded....stained...poly'd. What do you think? Looking nice eh!?! Next to clean up and paint the hardware for the drawers. handsome..... Love the way it all came together.
It all came together so going to miss this one when it finds a new home. I think the red oak stain looks perfect with the body of the dresser.
So....what do you think of my Roadside Dresser? For only the cost of the paint and stain a nice, handsome dresser.
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  • Renee Seeling Renee Seeling on Jan 27, 2015
    @ Marion..... What would you have done differently with the body? I had thought of just painting it black but...decided that would be too severe.

  • Rene McIntosh Forsberg Rene McIntosh Forsberg on Mar 23, 2017
    I agree with Marion, it looks unfinished. I think if you had painted the body a tan or off white it woul dhave made those beautiful drawers pop a bit more. Especially with those handles. I am currently looking for ideas for a dresser I just bought. But I tend to like non-painted wood in my home.