Guest Room Make Over With Old Furniture

our 40 year old canon ball bed looks great all stripped down and left that way with a little accent the old french provincial style 60's dresser find from the thrift store was $30 and looks awesome in yellow and new hardware the night stand was an old phone stand I bought for $7 30 years ago and removed a antiquing kit from in and now just sanded the finish down to make it more rustic the picture over the bed is one I took in our own yard
Our old dark pine canon ball bed we have had for 40 years this was after I started to sand it down Love the sanded look so I did nothing but just sand off the old dark lacquer finish
$30 find at the thrift store
I like the rustic look created just by sanding off the old finish I did nothing to it after that
same sun detail to the bottom of the dresser that I put on the headboard just inverted
just a little detail on the headboard that I also did to the dresser bottom to blend them in
who knew an old canon ball pine bed could clean up so well
I took the photo myself in our back yard of the sunset and worked around these colors
I make the sunset theme in the bedding by sewing fleece together to make it large enough for a queen bed and then I just sat and make a huge tie blanket backing it in a bright citrus color to go with the wall love this guest room make over We live in Oklahoma so the theme is perfect
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