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Hey! Where do YOU most love to work on your computer?
Now that most of us are on on laptops, or even smaller, we pick our fave spot. A full desk is no longer necessary.
Still the junk for notes and files can accumulate to clutter that fave corner. I admit it did at my house.
So I chose to make a portable stash station for that spot where I enjoy the best views in the house while I check out & create new Hometalk posts, etc.
Now it all looks like it belongs -- and all my clutter can be tucked away in seconds.
Last week I made this 12' long window seat out of cream leather, 3" foam and plywood.
I saved the corner, roughly18" x 20", to become my stash station. It's arms reach to the dining table where I love to work and look out my windows. I bought extras of the storage crates you see under the bench. Turned sideways one would be perfect for stashing my stuff.
I made a lid by measuring the exact spot I wanted my station to be, from window frame to wall, making it slightly oversized to the crates. I glued and clamped two pieces of left-over plywood to that size.
The plywood splintered at the edges when cut, it was rough and ugly. Filler and sanding would be necessary.
Wood filling...
Sanding the surfaces including the glued edges.
White Wash Pickling Wood Stain. I watered this down so that grain pops through. Same technique I used on window frames.
Staining in the pickling white wash also softens the junk I couldn't quite remove them even with sanding the plywood (see black streaks fading)
I also used a water-based wax varnish over the entire box the next day to protect the finishes.
Prepping for hinges, measure...A bit oversized to fill space perfectly and provide ample surface for laptop.
Hinge on edge. I used two hinges spaced equally apart. Screwed into plywood with screwdriver.
Top flipped open. Lots of room for storage in the box
I drilled a hole in the bench underneath to pull cords through when plugged in. Made sure the cord length was perfect for when I pull the computer to the table too.
Finished station
1) Exactly the right height for quick checks. 2) Computer and papers can be pulled to the table as needed. 3) Looks so much neater. 4) Takes seconds to stash it all together when dinner bell calls!

Suggested materials:

  • 20" x 14" x 10" Crate   (TJ Maxx Online $20 ea)
  • Decorative hinges,   (Home Depot $4)
  • Clamps, screwdriver, drill,
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