DIY Necklace Organizer

5 Materials
30 Minutes
An easy wooden necklace organizer with a wolf motive anyone can make in a few minutes. Great way how to organize especially long necklaces that tend to get tangled when not stored properly. This necklace organizer is definitely a practical thing. It could also make a great present.
I am a very girlie girl and enjoy jewelry a lot. I have many long necklaces that might get tangled when not stored properly. So you can clearly see why I needed this cute necklace organizer, right? Also, I love wolves a lot, so anytime I can create something with a wolf on it, it’s like Christmas for me
For my new necklace organizer, I used a wooden doorplate I found in a local store with DIY & crafts supplies. 
Furthermore, used an old fridge wolf magnet that broke. I wanted to fix it, but unfortunately, I glued the magnet the other way around, so it wouldn’t hold on the fridge anymore. Let's just say, it wasn't my brightest moment. But now I found another use for it. 
I also needed a few nails and wooden pearls. I used 3 cm long nails - that should be about 1.2 inches if I'm not mistaken. The pearls have to be big enough so you can put the nails through.
In order to mark the perfect spots for the nails, I needed some kind of a guide. Since my wooden plate is rounded, I used my rounded sewing guide. If you don’t have one, you can use just a regular straight one, that would work too.
My further tools were a pencil, a glue gun, and a hammer. 
First, I marked the middle. I held the twine and found where the plate is in a perfect balance. The very top spot of the string marked the middle, so I marked it on the plate with a pencil.
Next, I started marking the places for the nails. I started in the middle and then I worked my way to the sides. I tried to make both sides symmetrical. 
Once I had all marks for the nails, I put on each nail one for the wooden pearls and then started hammering the nails in. 
As a next step, I found the perfect place for my wolf. I positioned the wolf on the plate and marked a few points. I put a bit of the hot glue on the backside of the wolf. Then I placed it between the marks on the wooden plate. 
And last but not least, I started gluing the wooden pearls to the ends of the nails. I used a small amount of the hot glue on the sides of each nail. Then I pulled the pearl to the top, held it for a moment and whenever necessary, I cleaned any excess glue from the top.
Once I finished this procedure with all nails and pearls, my necklace organizer was done. I hang the organizer to its spot and started hanging my necklaces and faux leather cords on it. 
You could always give the organizer a coat of a spray paint first if you needed it to match your other home décor. This necklace organizer is a definitely a practical thing. My necklaces are now neat all the time and don't get tangled at all and it is super easy to find one to match my outfit. This organizer could even make even a great present. 
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Suggested materials:
  • Wooden door plate   (Local DIY & Crafts supplies)
  • Wolf magnet   (I already had it at home)
  • 1.2 inches nails   (Hardware store)
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