Thrift Store Trinket Box Makeover #SPiTchallenge

A neat little thrift store box made a pretty blue with Unicorn Spit
I didn't take a photo of the box as I got it, it was stained dark brown. This is the box after sanding it down and discovering it was made from different woods.
I used Unicorn Spit, from using the Blue Thunder and Zia Teal colors. I rubbed the stain on the wood, letting it soak in so I could see the beautiful grain. I used my fingers to drag the colors across the top, letting them blend. This is the finished box. I used only the Blue Thunder color on the sides.
For the inside I left it as it was, but used scrapbook paper as a liner. Over the paper is a thin piece of clear acrylic. I can change the liner paper easily to change the look anytime! Just tip it over so the acrylic comes out and a new paper could be put in.
Here is a closeup of what happens with you let the grain show through. The finish on the entire box is 3 or 4 coats of Minwax Oil Base Rub On Poly.
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