Room Makeover for Our Oldest Daughter

Five years makes a huge difference for kids rooms and what they want and like. This is the first of 4 bedrooms I am redoing. Our oldest daughter had a hard time deciding what she wanted. We went back and forth with so many ideas, but we finally found colours she loved and ideas to go with it. This was a huge challenge for me since this was the first time I was redoing an entire room, not just painting. It was fun though! There is still more to do and I will add more pictures as we finish it all off.
Here is the finished feature wall with the bright blue birds and butterflies just to add some fun.
before… you can see what the paint did… all peeled. When we moved in 5 years ago, we were told we had to redo all the walls, so we put up wall board that we were also told was primed and ready to paint. Neither true...
new vanity
she wanted all her furniture white… chalk paint- a home-made recipe from a good friend, Larissa at Prodigal Pieces.
the seat of the vanity… first time trying my hand at painting fabric with chalk paint.
1 coat of white chalk paint
vanity… she wanted to bright blue on the seat
the desk… was in worse shape than I thought. I had to do a LOT of sanding.
desk… with the bright blue on the handles… painted in chalk paint
side table now white
the dresser
Erika helping out with filling all the screw holes from putting up the plywood planks.
all the planks now painted
planning for where the trees will be painted
a rough start of the trees
tidied up the trees
adding leaves now… also did the inside of her door
"feature wall". took the paint over to the next wall but in the opposite colour… this is probably my favourite part!
Bryan working on the wall that is behind her bed… will be like a headboard. We did all different lengths on this wall.
this was our first idea for this wall… eewwww… no way! This was one of those that didn't look anything like I thought it would...
tried to make it look distressed by doing some sanding then "white washing" over top… still nothing what I imagined… still a no go!
aahhhh… much better… mixed up my own special colour for this wall.
I added some vines and flowers to the wall to frame it like a headboard.
up close… this pattern matches her bedspread
my resources for the floor project… brown paper, torn, crumpled and straightened out again, Varathane and a paint brush.
before… for the floor. I prepped it by ripping out the carpet, then cleaning it really good with TSP and some disinfectants. I didn't scrape all the glue residue off. You can also see the concrete patching that was done previously.
This is the floor with the brown paper and Varathane on it. All I did was paint a layer of Varathane onto the floor, then lay down a piece of the brown paper, then paint over it again with the Varathane. Then, overlapped the pieces.
up close
I mixed up some old paint and rolled on the paint over the Varathaned brown paper.
all painted… one coat of paint and then used a darker colour to add a marbling effect. After that, we did about 10 coats of just Varathane letting it dry 3-4 hours in between.
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  • Beth Beth on Oct 21, 2018

    The trees on the gray wall are lovely, but I find the grooves in the paneling rather distracting. Could you fill them in, or did you consider/have the budget for drywalling? Also, could you post a picture with the bed in place? I'd love to see the bedspread with the detail of the headboard wall against it! Good idea!

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  • Barbara P Barbara P on Nov 04, 2014
    I love your walls!! They ARE so soothing!!! Very interesting about the brown bag flooring...thanks for inspiring me!!! I use the same chalk paint, too!! as you !!

  • Trudy Trudy on Jun 18, 2015
    The trees on gray are gorgeous!