DIY Wine Caddy

3 Materials
1 Hour
If you are like me, you don't like showing up for a party empty handed. I have one coming soon and I decided I wanted to bring more than just a bottle of wine.
I always like going out to my garage and finding scraps to make something creative with, and fortunately I had pieces of this great wood I had left over.
Also I found this pretty ribbon. Not enough to do anything big with but just enough to incorporate into a fun project.
I measured and cut my wood. The bottom piece I place 2 wine glasses on and a bottle of wine. And cut accordingly. To end pieces, 2 center pieces, and 2 side pieces.
Once it was all stained, I started assembling it with my E6000 and my nail gun. First I glue, then I nail it for extra security.
It was starting to come together. I decided to drill matching holes in the 2 center piece boards to try my ribbon to.
Then I created a handle from the ribbon, and had just enough left to decorate it with on the outside. It took me just a minute or two to glue it on with my glue gun.
Perfect gift to give the party host.

With a little creativity you can pretty much make something beautiful out of scraps you find in the garage.

The simple cost I had in making this was the wine and dollar store wine glasses.

The only one stopping you from creating something truly fun, or beautiful, is you!!

The tools I used were:

Skill saw

Hand sander

Glue gun

Nail gun (Finish nails)
Suggested materials:
  • Scrap wood
  • Wood stain (Kona)
  • Left over ribbon
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