Closet Makeover With Easyclosets

2 Materials
2 Days
130 Pound Woman Constructs California-Like Closet on the cheap
My daughter had two side by side double door closets .
Totally non functional with cheap wire racks and shelves
Pulled it all out and spackled the incredible number of holes -- it looked like an italian restaurant after a mafia hit. Then I painted -- same color as before
I measured carefully then designed and ordered the closet components on It was a lot of boxes! I had received an incredibly high estimate for doing this with a company named after a large western state ($5,000)
The whole thing starts by hanging a horizontal steel bar that the components hang on to. You can see it in the top of this picture. Make sure it is level and affixed to studs.
The rest is just hanging and assembling. The instructions were easy to follow
One side finished -- built in dresser and shelving
Other side shelving and hanging space
Filled some more!
Suggested materials:
  • Pre fab closet system   (
  • Spackle and paint   (Home Improvement store)
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