Storage Shelves Project!

3 Days

Another unplanned project...I really need to get my stuff together!

I started with 2X4's!

This room is almost too small to work in, so building the frame was tricky. All I knew, was that I wanted the shelves to look like part of the room and I didn't want to block the window or exhaust fan.

I used 4 screws to attach the shelf supports to the posts, two from the inside and two from the outside.

The shelf supports are giant rectangles that makeup the frame and the actual shelves will sit on them.

I used two screws to attach the end pieces to the two side pieces.

The posts are holding the supports up.

Add the middle supports when the frame is finished.

I filled in the screw holes with wood putty and sanded.

This is a really easy build! Just posts holding up supports that look like ladders.

I painted the frame the same color as the room.

This is the same cedar I used for the ceiling!

I stained the wood the same color as the ceiling too and used black screws to attach it to the supports.

I'm about to store so much stuff!

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  • Cla53305636 Cla53305636 on Oct 02, 2021

    This is awesome! Thank you! I’ve been designing something like this in my head but this was so great and helpful to see your visual and build confidence. My question is this… I have a closet under the stairs and I want to build something similar to your project, custom fitted to the space and put a 20 gallon fish tank on it. From what I read a 20 gallon fish tank ways between 200 and 250 pounds. To further complicate matters, I am installing a custom fit mattress on the floor of the closet beneath the shelving unit to create sort of a mini bed nook hideaway for my 7 year old son. You see where I’m going with this… i’m assuming it will be strong enough considering you build houses and decks with two by fours, but with the precious inventory stocked inside this kooky domain I’m conceptualizing, I wanted secondary validation from you. 😀 let me know what you think! -claire

    • Bryan's Workshop Bryan's Workshop on Oct 02, 2021

      Hey Claire! Wow, this sounds like an awesome project! You can definitely use 2x4's for this build, and you can easily find free building plans with a Google search, on Pinterest and videos on YouTube. Just search DIY 20 gallon fish tank shelves. I'd need to peek my head in there first, before recommending something. What's in front of this opening? A 20 gallon tank is heavy and will be awkward getting in and out of that space. How often will it need to be moved? Are there lights and filters that need to be plugged in. Another idea is: you could build a cabinet in front of or in the opening with access to that area hidden. This way, it's easier to clean/move the tank and when your boy gets too big for that area, you can relocate the cabinet. If you build it in the area under the stairs, it will need to be disassembled.

  • Sidney Rippy McLaughlin Sidney Rippy McLaughlin on May 28, 2022

    This would be absolutely the perfect solution for my laundry room. Thank you for sharing it.