Clean the Top of Your Refrigerator

When was the last time you took a peek at the top of your refrigerator? If you can't remember when you last cleaned this forgotten area of your home, there's a good chance dust, dirt and grease have been making themselves comfortable up there. It's time to change that! Get rid of the dust and grime with this simple process.
1. Grab a step ladder. Out of sight, out of mind is usually true – especially when it comes to pesky chores like cleaning the top of your fridge. To make cleaning easier, and to keep an eye on the dust collecting on top of your fridge, we recommend using a compact step ladder.
2. Remove and clean any objects. If the top of your fridge is covered in dust, chances are the items sitting on top of the fridge need to cleaned, too! Remove these items, give them a good dusting and set them aside.
3. Dust with a clean cloth. Now that you have a clear view of the fridge surface, it’s time to dust! Grab a clean cloth (we recommend using a microfiber cloth) and wipe away any dust.
4. Disinfect and wipe with a second cloth. Grab a second clean cloth and spritz it with adisinfectant cleaner. Then, wipe down the top of the refrigerator. When you’re finished, rearrange (or or find a new place for) the items you previously took down. That’s it! Pro Tip: To make this chore easier the second time around, place some adhesive shelf liner on top of your fridge. Next time, just clean the liner!
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