Four Ways to Do Laundry Faster

Laundry duty is not a popular activity. This is a bummer, because the average family cleans over 400 loads a year. That’s a lot of washing and folding to suffer through! You can’t avoid the task, but you can shorten it with these four tips:
Sort Smarter. Laundry takes a long time to do, and a lot of the time-suck is usually the sorting portion of the program. Create a system to solve this problem! Have two separate hampers.
Fold Strategically. Stop the folding madness! Every single piece of clothing does not need to be folded. This may seem a little radical, but hear us out. There’s no need to fold your socks and underwear.
Cut Drying Time. You’ve sorted. You’ve washed. And then your dryer drops the ball. If you’ve ever had to run two dry cycles because your towels are still damp, you know how frustrating this is.
Play a Game. Do you love to win – even against yourself? Then use that competitive nature to your advantage during laundry duty. When you’re folding your clothes, set a stopwatch and time yourself.
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