How to clean a wool rug?

by Spo13086515

How do I clean my 5x7 wool rug?

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  • Shoshana Shoshana on May 21, 2017

    Vacuuming will help remove most of the dirt that get trapped in the little carpet pockets. Pour a capful of Woolite or the recommended amount of a professional rug cleaner into a bucket of cold water. Fill another bucket with plain cold water. Before starting work, test a small patch of the rug for colorfastness by applying a little of the cleaning solution to it. If the colors don’t bleed, continue. Gntly sponge your cleaning solution onto a 2’x2′ section of the rug, working in the direction of the nap. You want to lightly dampen the rug—do not soak it or allow it to get too wet. Place a second, clean sponge into the bucket of plain water, and dab the section to rinse, again taking care not to soak the rug. Follow up by blotting the area with dry, absorbent bath towels—you will probably need a lot of them. When you’re finished with the first area, continue working across the rug in small sections until you’ve cleaned the entire rug. Good luck!

  • Sharon Sharon on May 22, 2017

    I put mine on garage floor and run carpet cleaner over it using professional cleaner. I use a carpet brush on a pole in one direction back and forth to fluff the pile. Let dry in sun if it won't fade, otherwise just leave on garage floor until dry.

  • Kathy Kathy on May 25, 2017

    Both good ideas but when you dry it get something under it for air flow faster drying.

  • Charlene Charlene on May 31, 2017

    Rent a steam cleaner they do a fine job, and you don't have to worry about excess water or soap residue. Soap residue attracts dirt.

  • Bijous Bijous on Sep 30, 2017

    I use a carpet cleaner on all my wool rugs. I fill it with vinegar and hot water. They come out great and don't have any of that commercial soap cleaner residue that seems to collect dirt faster.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 03, 2018

    You could use something made for wool, like Woolite rug cleaner.

  • Chris Ann Hanousek Chris Ann Hanousek on Nov 03, 2018

    I agree. Stanley Steamer or a other long standing company should steam clean, rather than shampoo the wool rug.

  • If it is a room sized rug, I've had good success using a regular carpet shampooer on mine. I'm just super careful to use a very minimal amount of cleaner. And I rinse it twice. I also go over it again to suck out as much water as possible. Then leave fans to blow on it so it will dry rapidly. (don't do it on top of a wood floor with out protection under rug to prevent water damaging floor) I wouldn't recommend using any sort of a beater bar brush if the rug is a loop berber type rug as wool can fuzz easily.

  • Try sprinkling baking soda and letting it sit overnight. Then vacuum in the morning.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 29, 2020

    Hello RJ,

    Steam Clean it! or ask manufacturer's advice.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Aug 29, 2020

    When I had wool, I either had it cleaned professionally or steamed it to make sure it didn't stay wet too long. Good luck and stay safe!

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Aug 30, 2020

    The best thing is to take it yo a rug dealer that cleans oriental rugs. If you don't use the correct formula of water and lanolin in the cleaning it becomes crunchy. Or depending on the dye, water could make it run. Best left to the pros.

  • J J on Aug 16, 2019

    Nature’s miracle in the red jug will get pet stains and their odors out. I use brake fluid cleaner in the spray can on oily stains. Use a clean rag to wipe up towards the center of all stains. Use plenty of ventilation. I also lay a clean cloth over the spot do it can dry without foot traffic.

  • Roland Ronish Roland Ronish on Aug 17, 2019

    Try Simple Green. It's a degreaser/cleaner that is non toxic and works on a lot of different soils.

  • cold water and little or no detergent In a carpet cleaner. I would not recommend a rented machine, buy an inexpesive one If your doing it yourself, otherwise, hire a licensed professional.

  • Emily Emily on Apr 23, 2018

    depends on the size. Large I would send to cleaners. Small I would wash on my hammock and let dry naturally.

  • Macysmom Macysmom on Apr 23, 2018

    I use my steam cleaner just like I would on any other rug. It works great and no harm done!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 25, 2016

    Spot clean stains white vinegar and water or club soda. Once you have done that place clean paper towel on top with a heavy object to bring the rest of the soil to the top. Repeat the process if necessary.

  • Ginny Feeney Ginny Feeney on May 25, 2016

    My mother swore by club soda to clean stains from her very expensive wool rug.

  • Dorothy Roush Dorothy Roush on May 26, 2016
    Whatever you decide to use, DON'T use OXYCLEAN! I ruined a wool rug that way.
  • Sus4499217 Sus4499217 on May 26, 2016
    If you have a large rug and want to clean take it to a car wash were you clean it yourself. Lay it on the concrete (make sure it's clean first) then spray and soap and rinse. You will need help rolling it and putting back in your truck and let dry at home. I suggest this is a summertime project. (Please don't do this if it is an expensive rug.)
  • Kcama Kcama on May 27, 2016
    We've had good luck taking cheap and expensive wool rugs out onto the drive way (warm, dry sunny day), and scrubbing (gently) with Woolite and a brush and hosing down. A rug dealer told us this was much better than dry cleaning. If you're not sure about it, test just a corner first.
  • Ili Ili on Sep 24, 2017

    if it is a valuable rug, take it to a professional....if not, a toothbrush moist with a tiny little bit of dishwashing soap...wipe it with a clean white rag...

  • Sylvia Stechele Sylvia Stechele on Sep 24, 2017

    Try using "Oxy Clean" .Make a mixture of water and Oxy clean in a bottle, instructions are on the package, it removes just about any stain.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jun 11, 2019

    Hello I have washed small wool rugs in my bathtub with woolite. You may need to test for colorfast dyes, my ikea one was fine.

    1. Take your wool rug outside. Shake off any loose dirt or dust that has accumulated on your rug since buying it or cleaning it last.
    2. Run a vacuum over your rug.
    3. Shampoo the rug once all of the dirt has been removed (you could use a carpet shampooer machine).
    4. Dry your rug immediately (air dry outside or use a strong fan and flip part of it up and move the fan around).
  • Dfm Dfm on Aug 05, 2018

    vacuum & use woolite as the shampoo to wash it with, and cold water.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Aug 05, 2018

    Yes. Add a cup of Woolite for stubborn stains to a quart of warm water. Clean a square yard or two at a time. Apply to your vacuumed carpet with a damp sponge, and let it soak in about thirty minutes.Go back with a soft-bristled hair brush bought just for this type of job and gently but thoroughly scrub the carpet. If you have a wet-vac, vacuum the damp camp carpet, then vacuum again after 8-10 hours. Make sure you have a fresh bag or filter in the vacuum, and clean/change it when it gets 3/4 full. If you want to fluff indentations in the rug, use a hair pick (comb with large tines) as well as the scrubbing brush. Best wishes, and enjoy your clean carpet. ☺️