How to Remove Pee Stains (and Smell!) From a Mattress

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If you have a young child or a pet in the house, chances are you at some point will have to deal with pee stains on a mattress even if you use a mattress protector. Accidents happen. So be grateful that I have the magic formula for removing those pee stains!

To remove pee stains from your mattress you will need hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, dish soap, lavender essential oil (if you like) and a funnel and a spray bottle.

You'll mix the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, liquid hand dish washing soap, and lavender essential oil all together in the spray bottle. Spin it all together in the bottle a little bit but don't shake it.

See my post for full directions.

Take that spray bottle and spray it all over those pee stained mattresses!

I had two mattresses that were stained (twins) and here are the before.

The other mattress before stain removal.

And after!!

After!! There was still a very slight yellow coloring, but so much better and the smell was gone!

To finish up, let the mattress dry (about one hour) and then vacuum them to get up the gritty baking soda off.

*If you want a FREE Printable version of this cleaning tutorial head over to the blog post! (link at the bottom of this post)*

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How to Clean a Mattress

For more information, see Hometalk's in-depth guide to how to clean a mattress and remove different types of stains.

Katelyn Fagan
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  • HGH HGH on Jan 28, 2021

    Think this would work OK on carpets?

  • Carolyn Swisher Carolyn Swisher on Sep 12, 2022

    Would this method work on carpet from a cat?

  • Pampam Pampam on Apr 09, 2024

    Will this remove a musty moldy smell?

    There is no visible mold but the mattress doesn't smell right.

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  • Gabrielle Falk Gabrielle Falk on Jan 09, 2023

    Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, generally do not mix well - ie 'erupts' everywhere. Just like a volcano.....WHY not put under the mattress protector, if there is a member of the family who experiences incontinence (of both sorts) a rubber sheet?? (or something similar) - which would save a lot of un-necessary cleaning and sanitising. Which rubber sheets are used in hospitals, world-wide. For those souls who are incontinent-ie elderly folk, or those who have a physical problem. And for private households, surely a good scrub, with a bar of soap, and rinse under cold (ABSOLUTELY NOT HOT) running water - like you would do for an old dried, blood stain. Nothing fancy needed-no perfume-no enzymes!! (just think of those parents, say back in the 1800's, ergo, and earlier, and also beyond, even into the 1920's??, how they handled the same problem of children wetting their beds. HANG the offending garment ON THE CLOTHES LINE-DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE BAKING THE STAIN/SMELL IN. TO MY MIND, IT IS FAR BETTER TO PREVENT, THAN TRY AND REMEDY. Been on this earth a long time-just try something that is, to my mind, 'natural'. How do you think our great grand parents dealt with this same problem. Washing, scrubbing, and drying on a clothes line - in the fesh air!!!!!I Just stop and have a think.

    • Whitney Hansel Whitney Hansel on Feb 24, 2023

      Yep, in a perfect world, all prevention methods will work and this would never be an issue. However, this doesn’t always work and accidents/leak throughs happen in which case advice like this is great and much appreciated. I have used this same mix for human and animal urine spots and it works well.

      You are correct in that the ultimate cure is to hang outside in the fresh air and SUNLIGHT. UV is what really breaks down ammonia and bleaches those stains. For me in the country, this is great, but I have many acquaintance who live in areas (apartments in the city, suburban neighborhoods with restrictive HOA’s, etc) where this simply isn’t possible. For those folks especially, this is wonderful advice.

      Sometimes our “great grandparents” or “in the 1820’s” parents were extremely abusive to children who wet the bed. As a parent of 4 boys who’ve all dealt with bed wetting, I never ever shame and treat this issue with compassion and practicality. Sure, you use the mattress pads and protectors, but you may still have soak throughs in which case I and many others I’d wager appreciate this recipe. Thanks Ms. Katelyn!! Much love all.

  • Las81018139 Las81018139 on May 10, 2023

    I have mattress covers for my guesthouse unfortunately there have been people who have removed it to which I ask myself why, why would you do that. So this is a good method if something happens but thank you. Now I used the zipper that covers the entire mattress.