Clean Smarter: Follow the Five-Minute Rule

What if you could make your entire house cleaner in just five minutes?
No, this isn’t a plug for a new product on the market, and we’re not going into the infomercial business. It’s the 5-Minute Rule! What’s that, you ask?The 5-Minute Rule: If you can get something done in five minutes or less, take care of it now, instead of later.
By getting rid of the little things on your to do list, you’ll be able to focus more of your energy on bigger, more important tasks. While this rule is typically tossed around when discussing productivity at work, it actually works great for getting things done around the house, too!
Here's how:
1. Choose one room or area in your house and assign it to a day of the week.
2. Pick a chore in this room that you know won’t take longer than five minutes. Keep it small and simple.Emptying the dishwasher, folding the laundry, scrubbing the toilet or decluttering the coffee table are great places to start.
3. Tackle the assigned task each day when you wake up, during your downtime or right before you go to sleep.
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