How To Remove Pine Sap Off Your Hands

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I have the best, most effective tip on how to remove pine sap off your hands and tools.

There are so many suggestions on the internet on how to get pine sap off your hands and tools. Everything from special soaps I’ve never heard of, to hand sanitizer, and one article even suggested goo gone.

I Have The Best Tip On How To Remove Pine Sap Off Your Hands!

A couple days ago, I went to my neighbors to cut and collect various greeneries to decorate the garden house, and to also weave some of that greenery in the 1820. He came out to help me cut, and said to me, “You should always wear gloves when cutting pine, Brooke. Otherwise, your hands will turn sticky and the sap will turn goopy brown on your hands.”

Advice I do heed when cutting pine, for sure, but what about when I’m working with the greenery, trying to secure it with fine wire, and tweaking the branches so they’re just so? My hands are small, and the gloves are cumbersome, not allowing me to get full dexterity on my pine-branch-holiday-decorating. So I was willing to put up with the sap on the hands, thinking I’ll figure out the removal later.

But then he gave me the most amazing and easiest tip on how to get sap off your hands, and your tools. And, the solution is an everyday pantry item.

Are You Ready For The Most Amazing Tip Ever?!

I went about my decorating, no gloves, attaching pine to beams and making arrangements, and adding it to trees and plants, and my hands were sap-y. They were a full sap mess, to the point where I had to stop working to clean them.

Certainly tested my tactile squirminess.

Here’s the tip, my friends, and I’m here to tell you that it’s genius!

It works!

The everyday pantry item that gets the sap off your hands AND your tools, is…..

Olive Oil!

Here’s how you do it: Simply pour a nickel-sized amount of olive oil in your hand, and rub your hands together, all over. Then, watch and even feel the sap go away.

Like, totally off your hands.

No scrubbing, no rubbing them with a scour pad or sponge. Just simply rub your hands together, working the olive oil in and it’s pretty much PRESTO after that. Then, follow up with a hand soap and warm water to clean off the oil.

No drying out your hands with harsh soaps or sanitizers. No tough abrasives needed. Just use the olive oil you have on hand in your pantry.

Amazing, right!!

For your tools, pour the same amount of olive oil on a soft cloth and rub the areas where sap has accumulated. If you need more olive oil on the cloth, then my all means, but the sap comes off tools just as easily as it does for your skin.

This tip, seriously, is a game changer.

Thank you neighbor for sharing this tip with me, so I can share with all of my friends here!

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  • Lady B. Lady B. on Dec 16, 2021

    👍🏽 That’s great! Who would of thought to use olive oil. Thanks.

  • Jeannie.mcquaid Jeannie.mcquaid on Dec 06, 2022

    Don't wait to get sap on your hands. If you notice your hands are dry and rough, use the olive oil plus a pinch of salt. Gently roll it over hands and the salt exfoliates the rough stuff while the olive oil restores the moisture in the skin (just like those expensive salt scrubs!)