"Quilting Info"....A better way to organize your fabric!!

Here is a site to see how this board works, u can make them any size to fit your storage units:
I want to thank a special "Hometalk Friend", Leida R., that gave me this idea of starting something like this here and all the help I get from "The Ramblin' Rosies"! New to all of this, so here goes...if u r reading this then.u r on this "long ride with me". Since you all enjoyed my Quilt Room reorganization, I thought to post this for all of u to c...........here is something that will save u room with your fabric!!!!!! Using these boards will save lots of room....just take a look at the "difference a board makes"!!!! U can get these boards at your local Comic Book Store or order them online, I bought mine on sale at www.bcwsupplies.com online. I paid $11 for 100 and bought 300. I still have 100 left to use, so cannot wait to get more "organized" for my new quilt room!!!!! Hope u all enjoy and I will try to keep the ideas coming for u ok!!!
Ok, this is what I use to wrap all my fabric on, get them free at quilt stores and I got mine at Jo Ann fabrics, so in case u want to use these.....good place to go when they finish a bolt
See all the room they take at the top, this is some fleece and flannel and bulky.....I take this off the boards and put flat in a drawer, takes less room and can wrap on a board as well....ok, ok getting to the boards....lol
Again, more of my fabric....look how bulky right???? Here is a site to explain how to fold material and use the boards http://www.quiltingboard.com/tutorials-f10/alaskasunshines-fabric-folding-organizing-your-quilt-room-t43871.html
Even tried laying the bolts on their side, no........ takes up too much room for sure
OMGoodness, more on bolts, so much room, need lots of storage for this, wowwwwwwwwwwwww.......the boards u can make out of foam board or board and your own size to fit your storage area
TaDAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......finally, "the boards".....see the second shelf, all that material u saw before is wrapped on these small boards.....can u believe it, yes! Just starting to do this.
Look here, this is an antique SMALL bookcase ok, look at all the material that is wrapped and in this small space. I have 1 yd. and 3 yrds on them wrapped. U can go up to 8 or 9 yrds. Fleece and flannel not as much for sure.
Now, this is what a nice organized room looks like with these boards for sure......posted on my Quilting Board site, enjoy and "get wrapping it up"!!!! I will have a new Quilt room like this soon, keep watching!!!!!!
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