Easy "lodge" Inspired Decor!

3 Materials
1 Hour
I'm always working on one project or another, but was bored, tired and just wanted a simple mindless project that I wouldn't throw away the next day or use any of my "good" (more expensive ha!) craft supplies on. The bell went off in my head. My good 'ol dollar store collection!
My Mom has a beautiful home. The living room feels as if your at a lodge way up in the mountains of Maine. So it made me think. I took a picture frame and bag of rocks, glueing a straight line of them around the frame. At the end, I added extra rocks on the top and bottom. I then took a recycled glass candle holder, put a dollar store candle in, and sprinkled rocks around it, a few at a time so the candle would stay centered. In less than an hour, I had a pretty cool looking set that I think could make for a nice hostess gift for the right person!
Suggested materials:
  • Bag of rocks, candle, black picture frame   (Dollar Store)
  • Second hand poured in candle holder   (Recycled)
  • Glue gun
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