Foodie Faux Candle

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With a glass or plastic tubular vase and some creative food, you can make this faux candle you can safely leave "burning" all night!
Once you have your pieces parts together, pour the food you have the most in the bottom 1/3 of the vase.
Then add your second food choice. No need to layer or protect one or the other. Once this food is out in the air for a while it won't ever be good enough to eat. Sorry, I forgot a stand-alone shot of the peas but yes, add your last layer.
With some hot blue on the back, attach your raffia and make a double knot in the front. You can make a bow if you want. I liked the sunflower button best so glue your embellishment on the front.
Drop in your battery tea light candle, shove it down just a bit so you can carry it without it sliding around, turn it on and show it off!!
Suggested materials:
  • Glass or plastic vase   (Had at home)
  • Beans, peas, mixed rice, anything that layers well   (Had at home)
  • Battery tea light   (Dollar Tree 4/1.00)
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