Seashell Souvenir

One thing that really bothers me when going on vacation is spending twice what the item is worth in "Chachi" stores just to have a souvenir to bring home. In my opinion, a great souvenir should be something that sparks a memory of time well spent. Each year on our beach vacation, I enjoy walking along the shore and looking for shells. For years, I would come home with a bag full and then have nothing to do with them. Several years ago, I decided why not use the shells to make my own unique souvenir. Since then, I have created several things that I cherish. It's a win/win situation as I save money and have something creative to do with my beautiful shells. Each time I see them, memories of vacations past come rolling into my mind like the waves that washed each shell onto the shore to be discovered!!!! I have to admit, I really like the souvenir I made this year and hope it will inspire you to maybe do one for yourself!!!!
Jar candle from "Chachi" store.
While walking through one of the "Chachi" stores with my friends, I noticed this jar candle on the clearance rack for $5.99. It sparked an idea for my "Souvenir" project.
Beautiful shells from Madeira Beach, FL.
While walking along the beach, I collected some gorgeous shells. I was sure to look for smaller ones to use in my project!
Just a bit of sand!
I scooped up a bit of sand to use. I was sure to send it home with my friends as to not raise a stir in airport security!
My original Madiera Beach FL souvenir!
I put the jar candle in the freezer for several hours and when I took it out the candle easily slid out. I used Goo Gone to get the wax marks off left by the candle, washed the jar and let it dry thoroughly. I added a portion of the sand in the jar and then topped it off with as many shells as I could fit in. While it was very pretty this way, it was dark and nearly impossible to see anything. I took all the shells out and picked out some of the most unique ones along with some of my favorite. With the free space at the top of the jar, light can pass through allowing you to see the different shells!
Back view!
Finally, I used some tacky glue to secure the lid. It was still wet when I took the picture but will dry clear. I love that the name of the beach was on the front of the jar but also that there was a full clear view in the back.
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