How to Make a Dog Food Placemat

Hi friends, how are you today?
Today I'm sharing how to make a Dog Food Placemat.
Why you ask? We needed one. We have two dogs and three cats and they all eat and drink water and things spill and splash around. You know I just can't seem to train them to clean up after they
Here are our two beauties Coco (1.5) and Roxie (13) relaxing together.
Truthfully I don't want my floor to get ruined especially with the water drips so this is what I came up with.
I just drew a bone shape free hand on paper and then cut out some quilted fabric scraps I had.
I used this patchwork like quilted fabric with the mauve quilted fabric too.
I cut them and pinned the two pieces together and trimmed them with pinking shears.
Then I sewed them together with a zig zag stitch. Then I trimmed off the excess edges.
I will be washing this often so I like the busy print on it and if you wanted it more finished you could sew the edges and then turn inside out and top stitch too.
Some day I'll master how to make a Pdf file for a pattern but for now I drew this so you can print and enlarge if you like.

This took a matter of minutes to make and I used scraps I had so it cost me 0 to make........which I LOVE. Now my floor will be cleaner and my dogs will still go on making messes and that's ok.
If you want to see all our Pets, or how I fixed a cat scratched chair or even if you want to see our friends pet Chickens come on over to the blog and say hello.

Do you have pets? and if so do you have any little tricks or tips to help keep things nice or clean?

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll
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