Rustic Succulent Centrepiece

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Is there ever a time of year when succulents don’t fit your decor?!

If you love the look of succulents all year round (like I do!), then you will love this simple and versatile, rustic succulent centrepiece :)

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I love succulents, but I consider myself to have a black thumb, lol. So I have a few fake plants scattered around the house, and that's what I used for this easy DIY.

A few things you need for this project:

  • tin box (or other container)
  • styrofoam
  • faux plants
  • rope
  • green moss
  • epoxy glue (or other strong, fast-drying glue)

To start, you want to cut down the styrofoam so that it fits perfectly in the base of your tin. I used the bandsaw to cut mine (and prevent a huge mess by making one smooth cut).

Next, you want to grab your rope and epoxy (very fast drying glue!) to adhere the rope to the sides of the tin. Mix the epoxy, and then apply a small amount at a time, and wrap the rope around the outside of the box.

I used epoxy for this because it dries very quickly, goes on clear, and doesn’t leave clumps or strings of glue behind the way a glue gun sometimes does. I found the best way to do this was to spread the epoxy around the box, then wrap the rope around and hold it in place for a few minutes while the epoxy sets.

Finally, grab your succulents and arrange them in whatever way you desire inside the box! This is where the styrofoam comes in handy… you can poke those succulents right in so that they stay in place. For a nice final touch, fill in the spaces with some soft green moss.

That’s all there is to it! A super simple, rustic centrepiece for your home all year round. Mine is sitting on the deck so that we can enjoy it while we eat our outdoor meals this summer.

Suggested materials:

  • Galvanized tin box   (craft store)
  • Styrofoam (if desired)   (craft store)
  • Fake succulents   (craft store)
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