Antique Plates From Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bavaria, Austria and USA

I purchased these at different antique shops to hang on the wall of the house my hubby and I are remodeling. I purchased the plate hangers and found that the hangers sat right on the edge of the rims of the plates. So to hang them, I used twister-ties and some of the blue-tape so they wouldn't shift. Only a few measurements and up they went.
I measured down the wall and halfed it. Then measured down from the ceiling for the center ones. Because I knew the sizes of the plates--you have to know that to put the right size hanger on them, I gave them a buffer of a few inches between each plate and put pencil mark where the nail hanger would go. After wiring and taping, I had already printed pictures of the plates and arranged them on the counter then hung them by my pattern. Viola!!
Twister-tie first.
Then blue-tape to make sure they hold.
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