Cinco De Mayo Centerpiece

3 Materials
15 Minutes

Will you be celebrating for Cinco de Mayo? Truth be told, I’m more of a weekend warrior if you know what I mean 😊 so while they’ll be no margaritas flowing on the 5th in this house, I do like to decorate for any and all occasions, and with that I give you the easiest Cinco de Mayo centerpiece

Here it is, pretty cute right?

A few green balloons, a black sharpie, tape and tons of multi colored curly ribbon optional (but highly recommended!)

First, take any small bowl and put 3 tape rings around the edge, this will hold the bottom balloon in place. I then placed this in a larger pedestal bowl for presentation, using a terra cotta plant pot is also a great idea for that true cactus look!

Blow up balloons, make one larger than all the others, two around the same size, and one small. Place the larger balloon in the bowl and then put a ring of tape on the bottom of the other balloons and stick them

to each other in the cactus shape as shown

Lastly, take the sharpie and make the little lines all over the balloons for the “pickers” 🌵

Suggested materials:
  • Green balloons   (Dollar store)
  • Tape   (Dollar store)
  • Black sharpie pen   (Walmart)
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