How to set a temporary post for holiday decorations and more:

From yard signs to birdhouses to holiday decorations and more, homeowners may find all sorts of reasons to set a temporary post. To do this, you'll need a post anchor, which is a sturdy metal stake that retains the end of a 4×4 post. You can find post anchors sold at hardware stores, home-improvement outlets and landscaping supply centers. They're not cheap (usually $20-$25) but they are reusable, year after year.
The job is simple. Determine your location, orient the face of the post and press the first inch into the ground to keep it upright. Use a scrap 4×4 block to absorb the blows of your sledge hammer as you drive it into the ground. As your progress, keep checking each face of the post anchor with a hand level to make sure your post stays plumb as you set it. Once the anchor's mounting cup is nearly at grade, remove the scrap and insert the post. Fasten from each side into the post using sturdy exterior-grade wood screws.
This is a great method to set up those Halloween scarecrows! Learn more about this project at

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