How to Create a Stunning Indoor Archway Christmas Decoration

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

If you're looking to add a unique touch to your space this holiday, why not try creating a beautiful indoor archway Christmas decoration?

Let me show you step by step, how I used a shower rod to make festive DIY door decor, so you can bring the spirit of the season into your home.

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Tools and Materials:

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Your DIY Christmas archway starts here!

1. Set Up the Base

Start by selecting an expandable shower curtain rod. Place it at chest level between a door arch, ensuring it's secure but not overly tight.

How to make a Christmas archway with garland and ornaments

2. Wrap the Garland

Grab a packet of garland ties.

Attach a longer garland to the rod with the ties

Secure the longer garland to the shower curtain rod with the garland ties.

Step-by-step guide to crafting a festive indoor arch for Christmas

Wrap it loosely around the rod. Don't worry if some white is showing – it will be covered later.

Christmas doorway decoration ideas

If you come to the end of the garland add another one and secure it with a tie.

Decorating for Christmas

3. Add Volume

Now, take the larger garland and start wrapping it around the rod to create a fuller look. Use another garland tie to secure it, allowing it to drape loosely.

Transform your entryway with DIY holiday archway decor

Let it hang over each side by about 12 inches.

Garland and lights

4. Illuminate with Fairy Lights

Before adding more decorations, wrap fairy lights around the garland. If needed, use two sets of lights.

Wrap the fairy lights at the end of the garland

Ensure the lights reach the bottom of the hanging garland for a cohesive look.

String a layer of berries around the archway

5. Ornaments and Accents

Thread cherries or beads onto the garland, keeping it loose for a whimsical effect.

Ornament clusters

Create clusters of ornaments by stringing a few on a pipe cleaner.

Add ornaments to decorate the garland

Secure them sporadically around the garland.

Add a few oversized poinsettias

6. Poinsettias, Ribbons, and Final Touch

Now, add some oversized poinsettias to the garland, placing them where they complement the overall look.

Finish with a bow

Finish off by securing an extra-large ribbon in the middle, adding a bold and festive accent.

Now slide it up to the top of the arch and tighten it.

More Christmas Archway Ideas

If this doorway decoration inspired you, then you’ll love my DIY Christmas arch made from PVC pipes tutorial!

Christmas arch garland

Indoor Archway Christmas Decoration Tutorial

There you have it, your Christmas doorway decoration is complete, a simple shower curtain rod DIY that anyone can do.

As the sun goes down, your DIY Christmas archway will illuminate your home with holiday magic.

I'd love to hear about your experience creating this indoor archway decor. Share your thoughts, tips, or even variations in the comments below.

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