Icicle Tree for Your Classy Thanksgiving Table…An Easy Sparkly DIY!

2 Materials
15 Minutes

Ahh, Thanksgiving!

I Love to Savor the Moment and Be All-In Thanksgiving, before the Big Leap to All-Things Christmas!

The End of November Often Brings a Chill to the Day – Sometimes with Icy Sparkle.

For the Moment, Santa and Reindeer and Ho Ho Ho’s Can Click Pause..

It’s Time for an Icicle Tree for your Thanksgiving Table!

15 Minutes to Create. Cost: Almost Free.

Long Silver Pipe Cleaners. A Fallen Branch. Sturdy Silvery Vase. Rocks and Leaves.

This is a Restaurant Pewter Coffee Pot. Very Old. It’s Sturdy and Not-Tippy. Perfect.

Another Option for a Vessel that I Love…A 16 Inch French Florist Vase…Amazon LINK.

First, Fill the Vase with a Few Rocks to Stabilize the Tree Branch.

Gently Place each Rock in Place.

In Goes the Branch.

Cover the Rocks and Base of the Branch with Dried Leaves.

Now for the Fun…Hang the Silver Pipe Cleaners from the Branches.

Silver Sparkle Icicles (Pipe Cleaners)…Amazon LINK.

A Tiny Twist and the Pipe Cleaner Stays in Place and Will Hang Straight Down.

The Softest Breeze allows the “icicles” to Sway from the Branches…

And Sparkle in the Light.

Your Icicle Tree is Ready for Center-Stage…

Bringing All the Magic of the Season to Your Thanksgiving Table!

And Giving Thanks!

Suggested materials:

  • Sparkle Silver Icicles (Pipe Cleaners)   (Amazon)
  • French Florist Vase   (Amazon)

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