Oberon the Elven Faery King Costume.

Nina Rose Kenney Day
by Nina Rose Kenney Day
6 Materials
4 Hours
My son was invited to his friend's fairy-themed party, so I made him an Oberon costume.
First, I searched Pinterest, and found these ideas for inspiration.
Then I went to Walmart to find the pieces - some flat shoes, artificial Philo bush foliage, decorative moss, some fingerless gloves that were part of another costume, and a green T-shirt.
I pulled all of the artificial leaves off their branches, and then cut the branches off the main stalk. I twisted the braches together into a crown.
Next, I hot-glued the decorative moss to the branches.
I unpicked the lace off the gloves, and sewed leaves down the sides; just a few quick stitches by hand.
Very happy with how those turned out!
On to the T-shirt. I was going to sew the leaves on, but opted for hot glue instead. I put a board inside the T-shirt so that the glue wouldn't bleed through to the back. I had some fall foliage too, so I pulled those off their branches and added them in.
I used modge podge and hot glue to glue the artificial leaves to the shoes. They turned out exactly the way I had hoped!
The finished product looks more elven than fairy, and I'm ok with that!
One very excited Oberon!
Oh, the elf ears we found at Party City.
Suggested materials:
  • Green T-shirt   (Walmart)
  • Beige flat shoes   (Walmart)
  • Philo bush artificial branches x4   (Walmart)
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